Bizzirri’s History

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Founded in 1954 in Città di Castello, Ceramiche Bizzirri always took its design esthetic from its region, the land of Piero della Francesca, Cipriano Piccolpasso, Alberto Burri and Edgardo Abbozzo.

The founder, Fernando Bizzirri successfully combined his passion for art and his entrepreneurial spirit.

Since its inception, Bizzirri ceramics are synonymous with innovation and experimentation: artistic expressiveness is supported with ongoing research and experimentation with the aim of combining chromatic richness and drawing from tradition to create present day designs.

In 1975, Fernando’s son, Fausto replaced him at the helm.

Fausto’s Sociology degree and love of travel inspired him to look beyond traditional markets. His appreciation of art led to the support of production experimentation and new take on traditional designs.

As a design innovator, Fausto personally chooses the shapes and designs of the new collections. Over the years he initiated important artistic collaborations with artists like Edgardo Abbozzo and Heather McCartney and with internationally known designer Calvin Klein.

In 2002, Francesco, Bizzirri’s third generation joined the firm.

His engineering background improved production and guided the company into the digital age. He is responsible for; developing new international business relationships, represents the company at Ambiente- the most important international fair in the sector and is involved in new collection design based on future market trends.

In 2017 Fausto Bizzirri established the “Bizzirri Prize“, open to students of the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” of Perugia. This prize aims to promote the growth and development of the history of Umbrian ceramics.