Sound insulation: how to reduce noise in your home

Silence is golden... It is especially true in your own home, where we often seek refuge, comfort and relaxation. Yet how many times do we have to put up with noise from neighboring houses or from outside? To avoid this problem, we can resort to small tricks without undertaking renovation.   The first precaution concerns [...]

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Decorating with plants: how to elevate domestic environments

Indoor plants personalize the empty corners of our homes, more than any other piece of furniture. They make the environment more pleasant thanks to their shapes and colors. Welcoming the green in our homes has the potential to purify and refine the air. Some plants even have the ability to eliminate unpleasant odors and to [...]

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Industrial Style: Home Furnishing Ideas

Dynamic, modern, extravagant, but at the same time spartan, functional and without decorations: this is industrial style. The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s, when old and new industrial loft design elements strongly influenced home decor. Grunge charm and interpretation of vintage elements in the modern key were the basis for [...]

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Umbria: the Green Heart of Craft Made in Italy

For centuries Umbria has been a land of artists and artisans who have achieved high mastery of their art. Masters of ceramics, weavers, goldsmiths, glassmakers, printers and woodcrafters are distributed across the region. Make time to visit the artist studios or manufacturing plants at the same time you tour the beautiful countryside. Ceramic We previously [...]

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