Industrial Style: Home Furnishing Ideas

Dynamic, modern, extravagant, but at the same time spartan, functional and without decorations: this is industrial style. The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s, when old and new industrial loft design elements strongly influenced home decor.

Grunge charm and interpretation of vintage elements in the modern key were the basis for the success that continues today.

The word grunge is the key to understanding the “mood” that this particular style of furnishing feeds.

Grunge was born in the 1970’s as a genre of rock music, characterized by screaming melodies and angry refrain. Indeed, more than a musical genre, one can speak of “movement” as the various musical groups that have been involved in this genre have no homogeneous characteristics.

The look was inspired by the melodies that sounded and reflected the peculiarities of their music and their mood: worn-out shoes, torn jeans, t-shirt worn under an unbuttoned shirt, woolen sweaters of some larger sizes and long hair.

In short, a seemingly scruffy look, but that was actually well studied. It did not happen to be a true trend that, like in the case of torn jeans, still lasts today.

They are the same features that can be found in the industrial style that translates in furnishings. It means bringing home furniture and grunge-chic accessories, vintage but not too much (1970’s-90’s), which are actually made with great care, attention to design from durable and modern materials.

Industrial is a style that is greatly inspired by urban and industrial atmospheres. It is a style of strong personality that requires the use of “solid” materials such as wood, metal, wrought iron and leather combined with eye catching simplicity of design that is hard to resist, such as the profiles of chairs and armchairs that have now become real icons.

Another feature of grunge style is a sort of patchwork effect obtained by mixing multi-faceted and chameleon elements just like the multiple faces of an artist’s personality.

In an industrial-style house, the color palette moves toward dark shades recalling those of a garage or industrial site where bricks, pipes, and pillars remain visible.

It is a style that fits well in open loft environments with high ceilings just like the industrial spaces from which the first industrial-style apartments were created, a style loved by those who are attracted to American culture.

In industrial-style houses, bookcases are replaced with tables on which books are stacked; illuminated by  floor lamps strategically positioned and scattered across the house, sculptures and paintings by young, unknown and extravagant artists who, possibly, will one day become known and appreciated by the market as well.

The industrial style is suitable not only to the lofts, but also for city center homes, the private studio, and also other rooms of the house: many opportunities to use your imagination.

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