Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process2017-10-24T13:19:25+00:00

Each collection is built upon the 1954 vision of the founder. The process begins with the artist’s hand moving freely on paper, drawing inspiration from our history and creating a new vision, limited only by the vastness of ideas.

Clay a natural substance is molded by hand and therefore every ceramic is, in its own way, a unique piece. The combination of air and fire transforms the clay to bisque after it is fired to over 1000 degrees.

Each ceramic is painted by one of our craftsmen who completes the piece from start to finish. This ensures all pieces are painted exactly the same and meets our high quality standard.

Final firing
Ceramic art is handed over from father to son, thus preserving the necessary skills and tradition. A clear enamel is applied to the product, which, after the second firing, will permanently fix the brightness of the color.