Sound insulation: how to reduce noise in your home

Silence is golden… It is especially true in your own home, where we often seek refuge, comfort and relaxation. Yet how many times do we have to put up with noise from neighboring houses or from outside? To avoid this problem, we can resort to small tricks without undertaking renovation.


The first precaution concerns the placement of furniture, in particular cabinets and bookcases: placing them on the walls between one apartment and the other can buffer the propagation of noise. Also choose curtains in opaque fabric,it often improves insulation especially when the source is external.


A more ingenious and technologically advanced solution can be obtained through the installation of sound-absorbing panels. They are not just useful structures, but also design elements that combine creativity and functionality. Carpets, curtains, wool runners, velvet upholstery for armchairs, sofas and chairs: everything contributes to assembling and furnishing your favorite space turning it into a silent oasis of peace.

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