Spring is here at last! Refresh your home and garden furnishings

The start of spring brings milder temperatures, which encourages us to shake off the winter doldrums and find any chance to get outdoors and maybe even relax with friends and family in the garden. Even the house, after so many cold months, wants to get shed its winter layers and fill itself with the warmth of the sun and fresh spring colors.

To get ready for your first family barbeque or aperitifs on the patio with friends, we have some ideas that will help you style your home and set a cheerful, colorful table.


“Orange is the New Black” is the title of a well-known TV series. When Americans say that something “is the new black” it implies it is the hottest trend.

Despite the trends in the decorating world, that change each season, white and black are staples we rely on.

Pure white illuminates even the darkest environments. In Northern European countries where people are hungry for light, white is among the most used decorating colors. Black, used for rows, textures or contrast gives depth and relief to shapes and details.

If you want to play safe and at the same time amaze your guests decorate with white or striped jars, black cutlery, mats and bicolor pillows or geometric designs.

50 Shades of Grey

If you thought that gray was not a lively color that can brighten your home you are mistaken.

Gray is as timeless as black and white. Are you concerned that it makes everything too flat? Try it in its infinite nuances and select the softest and coolest tones to reflect the warm spring light that filters through your windows.

Pastels & Pantone

The spring season brings with it a triumph of nature’s pure colors. The only risk in decorating is to over decorate making things kitschy and flashy. But here’s the remedy: start from nature.

Who better than nature is able to match colors? Think of the green grassy meadows, the blue of the sky, the green water of rivers and lakes, the shining yellow of the sun.

To keep your table from reminding your guests of a child’s party, use pastel colors and match them with “sophisticated” and trendy materials such as copper cutlery and wood benches.

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