The tender chocolate cake: the sweet of lovers

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you can feel the sweetness in the air, but also in the palate… For those who love chocolate, just think of the inside of the tender chocolate cake it will for sure make your mouth-water! It is in fact one of the most loved sweets by gourmands, but not everyone knows that it’s lusciousness earned the name of a queen, as well as the attribute of “the lovers cake”.


This delicious creation has its roots in Emilia Romagna, it was prepared for the first time in the city of Ferrara, where its original characteristics are still preserved: the soft interior and the slightly crispy crust. Because of its almost sticky internal consistency that melts in the mouth, it was nicknamed by the Ferrara people “tacolenta” cake. Because of the sweetness capable of delighting the most demanding palates, this amazing flavor soon emerged outside of the Italian borders.


The tender cake is also called “montenegrina” in honor of Elena Petrovich of Montenegro, the bride of the then King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III. The two, who met at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, got married on October 24, 1896 and the chronicles of the time tell that they were very in love. Queen Elena, soon became famous for being a sweet and soft-hearted woman, just like the Ferrara cake.


However, from the preparation point of view, the tender cake has nothing Balkan: served with a light dusting powder, the crispy exterior reveals  a soft heart of melted semi-liquid chocolate. It is ideal if you have not yet thought of a dessert for Valentine’s day or simply want to spoil yourself.

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